Victoria Shopping Centre

Located on the main town stretch of Llandudno, Mostyn Avenue is home to many shops and delights to enjoy at your leisure. At the heart of it allĀ  is the wonderful Victoria Shopping Centre, discover what shopping is to be had inside and treat yourself to something sweet in the Victorian themed coffee shop.


Parc Llandudno Park

One of the newest additions to the ever-growing town is Parc Llandudno Park. Here you will be sure to find all the latest fashion trends offered by the big name shops. Shop for hours in some of Llandudno’s biggest stores, there’s even a Costa coffee shop for the husband to sit, relax and take watch of you’re new belongings, and more importantly a break for yourself, of course.



Indulgence Beauty Salon

Visit the award winning Indulgence Beauty Salon and delve into the depths of luxurious self indulgence. Feel welcomed by its warm and professional beauty technicians and be truly pampered during your visit to Llandudno.


Aspire Health & Beauty

This equally renowned salon will be the perfect retreat for your visit to Llandudno, offering many services and products, Aspire Health & Beauty is most definitely worth a visit.